Fort Worden & Jefferson County Quest for Pie!

Elizabeth Henderson October 18, 2023

The Olympic Peninsula keeps us coming back!  Here's a few nuggets to explore:

Stay at Fort Worden:

We stayed in the dog friendly Engineer's Cottage and loved the views, sun porch (check out River's epic nap chair), and coffee!  There's a picture of us in front of the cottage.  Hiking trails everywhere and 2 miles of beach.  Fort Worden is a historical state park.


Explore Hurricane Ridge:

Bring a warm hat - keep your ears warm.  You'll love it.  Incredible views and a beautiful drive into the Olympic National Park.  Watch seasonal road closures and current demolition on the day lodge that burned down this last spring.

Sequim Valley Airport:

We've flown in a few times to refuel, but this time drove in to see the street access, hangar homes and even available AirBnB's.  There are a few remaining lots for sale.  Very friendly community.

Jefferson County International Airport/ We found the Pie!:

We almost beat the locals for the late breakfast rush.  We were told to reserve our piece of pie first, because pilots who fly in from out of the area call in their pie orders ahead so that it is ready and waiting for them!  While eating breakfast, Spencer identified every single airplane that was hung from the ceiling - it's a skill he acquired during his Fly Team days and comes in handy for me who is always asking..."what's that?"  In 2015 AOPA voted that the Spruce Goose Café had the best airport restaurant pie in the USA!  Jefferson County Airport is in Port Townsend and just a few minutes away from Fort Worden.  The pie is fabulous, and the recipe is for sale along with the cafe, I was told.  



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